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ACCESS research opportunities in KAZAKHSTAN

Gateway  to  Clinical  Research  in  Kazakhstan

The business environment in Kazakhstan is attractive at many levels, and we at EBMrc know how difficult it is to move forward with projects in Kazakhstan while sitting at a desk in Europe or North America.

Since 2011, we have worked with western-based companies to successfully implement and manage medical-research projects in Kazakhstan. Successful projects in Kazakhstan begin with access. This includes access to key opinion leaders, institutions and health care leaders.

At EBMrc, we want to build long term relationships with our clients. We seek to earn trust through hard work, integrity and open communication. We understand the challenges that exist when implementing a project in Kazakhstan while located a continent away. We provide our clients with a level of comfort that builds confidence that project milestones are met and the quality results are achieved.

Proposals & Solutions

EBMrc can help you build successful business relationships in Kazakhstan

INITIATE: Medical Device Trials
American medical device company:

“We are 3 months in to a two-year project with our Kazakhstani partners. Things are not going well. We can’t get through to our partners. We are experiencing communication problems, organizational confusion and project management is in chaos. Should we pull the plug on this project, or is there a way to salvage it and turn it into a winning proposition?”



This is a common experience during first entry into Kazakhstan. We tell our clients that miscommunication is not likely to happen, it is guaranteed to happen. But there are other advantages to doing a clinical research project in Kazakhstan that can counterbalance these challenges. Choosing the proper response can make or break the project. We can help interpret the situation, put the right local experts on the project, and advise next steps.

LAUNCH: Phase III Pharmaceutical Trials
Top 5 Pharmaceutical company based in Germany:

“We want to run a phase III study in Kazakhstan because of (1) cost attractiveness, (2) no competing studies at sites in Kazakhstan and we also want to build relationships with key opinion leaders. We also heard that regulatory review times are competitive. We want to find sites that have trained physicians and get our study up and going within 6 months.”



Kazakhstan has all of the advantages mentioned. Many sites have good infrastructure. There are physicians and hospital sites familiar with Good Clinical Practice and international trial standards, but one needs to be selective in choosing appropriate trial sites. We can help navigate regulatory submissions, identify clinician investigators and initiate and monitor phase II, III and IV pharmaceutical studies.

ACCESS: Pharmaceutical Market Access in Kazakhstan
Large pharmaceutical-focused consultancy based in Western Europe:

“We want to explore the possibilities of bringing high cost pharmaceutical products for out-of-pocket purchase in Kazakhstan. We need interview data from high level health care leaders, physician leaders, pharmacists and patients. We don’t have staff in Kazakhstan and need a competent consultant to lead and administer this discrete project.”



Kazakhstan’s economy is growing at a substantial rate (~4% per annum) and with this growth, a new market for high-cost innovative pharmaceuticals has emerged. In this instance, through our network of contacts, we can identify drug reimbursement processes, key motivating factors and describe the important public/private interface and through key opinion leaders we can gather qualitative and quantitative data on which to base market entry decisions.

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We tailor our project teams to fit your needs.

We have a network of medical professionals connected at all levels of government and health care in Kazakhstan. We can draw from this network to create a team to match your project needs. We carefully select members for our teams based on their expertise, training and understanding of local systems and procedures. We can also draw from our network of international experts to accomplish project goals.


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